Monday, January 28, 2008

Hair Accessories

While I was in Arizona, I went to this FABULOUS store called Ribbons and Lace. They have more ribbon then I have ever seen in my entire life! It is such a fun store. But in addition to ribbon they have metal clips and then alot of elastic to make headbands. Anyways, here are just a few of the ones I've made for Laynie. Jocy's are really cute too. I'll have to post some of hers later. Let me tell you they are a lifesaver for someone as "hair challenged" as me. I need something quick and easy that requires little to no skill. :) At least it'll save us from going out in public with scary hair... then again maybe not.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Results are in....

I know you are all dying for the results of my very scientfic research study that has been going on for the last two weeks. Many of you posted that you usually buy things sporadically throughout the year and not every month. And this is true for us too. Some months I spend very little and then others when Reed or I purchase something for us or the kids are in a new season we have to spend alot more. I tried to just average my yearly expenses. Anyways, my friend Jessy insisted I post the results so this is for you Jessy:

less then $25: 5% (or one of you and let me add that you must be the queen of budgeting. Part of me wondered if you really exist. I really wouldn't have put it past Reed to get on my blog and sque my results)

$25-$50: 23% (or 4/17 votes)

$50-$74: 29% (5/17 votes fell here and realistically this is the category I shoot for each month I just don't always hit it:))

$75-$99: 17% (3/17 votes and the category we usually hit)

$100-$150: 5% (1/17 votes)

more than $150: 17% (3/17 and lets be honest here-- this is the budget I'd prefer to be working with.)

So there you go girls. Do with what you will. It won't really change much in the Bell household. Reed isn't really swayed by my scientific findings although I think he must admit (right dear?) that I'm not as crazy as he orginally thought-- at least not when it comes to shopping. Thanks girls for helping to prove my sanity. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Where do they learn these things?

So this weekend, Nate and Jocy were off playing together. I'm so grateful that they love to play together. Don't get me wrong... they fight as much as any siblings maybe even more... but it's always nice that they have a playmate right under their own roof. So they were off playing some super hero or house or some "imaginary" reinactment. I was busy picking up in the other room, not really paying attention to them, when subconsiously I hear Nate say, "You go girl!" to Jocy. He even said it with exactly the right tone in his voice. I stopped what I was doing and mentally tried to figure out WHERE IN THE WORLD he learned that phrase? I most definately have NEVER EVER said that to anyone. It doesn't sound like Reed either. I tried to think if any of his favorite Disney movies have that in it but I came up blank. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with what he said. I'm just completely shocked that he even knows that phrase. I realize he goes to school but can you picture a bunch of kindergarteners around the playground saying, "You go girl!" It's just hard for me to imagine?? Anyways, that was just my funny moment for the weekend. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by now with the things my kids come up with but I still am sometimes. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Clothing Budget

Ok so I need some help here. Last night I came home from Old Navy with some stellar finds. (I bought Jocy some long sleeved shirts for $2). After showing off all my bargains to Reed he just shook his head and laughed and then said, I think you are addicted to shopping. I gasped and replied, That's ridiculous! I then proceeded to inform him that most women I know spend money on clothes for themselves, their kids, and their husbands. (I came home with pants and shirt and a sweater for him--- and to my dismay he was not at all giddy over his new clothes!) All he said was "I can't fathom that others spend this much money on clothes too!" So a light bulb went on in my brain and I said, "Well I'll just put a poll on my blog and then we can see for sure." So here's my anonymous and I am sure VERY scientific poll on the clothing spending habits of the american women. Please average out what you spend a month on clothing for your entire family. That's everything from shoes to coats to underwear to... well you get the idea. And then since we're all in different circumstances with how many people we have in our family will you just ball park what you'd spend if you were a family of five? Anyways, then we can determine if a) I'm just as normal as the rest of the world and my dear sweet husband will need to realize that some money does need to be spent on clothes or b) I am addicted and will mend my ways and join Shopaholics Anonymous immediately. :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Here are a few pictures from our Christmas Break in Arizona. I'll admit my only disappointment was the fact that it was quite cool. I was hoping for 70-80 degree weather but only ended up with 60-70. But I didn't see a single drop of rain while I was there. That was a plus. :) And even in those chilly circumstances Reed and the kids jumped in the pool-- it's not heated! I wish I'd had my camera but I didn't at the time. You'll just have to picture the frigid conditions in your mind. We had a great time there. The girls all played happily together and Nate and Cooper loved being with another boy. As we were leaving to come home, it ripped my heart out to see Cooper on the front step crying, "No Nate. Don't go." We can't wait to get together again soon.

I'm a big girl now!

While we were in Arizona, I came home one afternoon after running a bunch of errands with my mom to Jocy telling me that she had a surprise. She then proceeded to show me that she could ride a two wheeler all by herself!! I couldn't believe it. Reed said the two of them had worked at it for an hour or so before I got home and she had picked it right up. She still has a little trouble turning but we'll take it one step at a time. I was totally shocked and my first thought was, "She's too little to ride a two wheeler." Then I remembered that Nate first rode one a few weeks after he turned four and wait... Jocy turned four a few weeks ago too. How did that happen? Where did the time go? Anyways, she proudly goes around telling everyone her secret "I can ride a training wheel." Usually she gets a confused look and then we have to explain that she can ride WITHOUT her training wheels. :) She is so proud of herself and I might add, we're pretty proud of her too.

BUMBO: Love it

I'd heard of this new little device twice-- once from a girl I visit teach and then again on a friend's (Carlie) blog. So I decided to look into them. Once I did I heard all the rave about them and the product recall in order to put a sticker on the back that says, "Do not sit your child in this on the counter and then walk away." Because now days we have to be told EVERYTHING. Anyways, the second thing I noticed was they were kinda spendy. Forty dollars for a seat that Laynie might hate?? I didn't know if I could take the risk. Well I debated and researched some more and was almost convinced just to pay the full price. Then while we were in Arizona my mom took me to this cute kid's store where she had a coupon for one item. So you know me.... if I can say I got it on sale, I'm sold. :) But let me tell you. It was the best 30 plus tax that I've spent on a baby item in a long time. Laynie LOVES it and therefore so do I. And doesn't she just look adorable and all grown up in it? It says it is for babies 3 months - 14 months. I was a little skeptical about the 14 month old part but my niece Lillie who is 14 months loved it too. Anyways, since I'm the unofficial rep for BUMBO I had to put my two cents out there. :)

P.S. it comes in an adorable pink color and if I had thought that Laynie was my last baby or if I could see the future and knew any other kids I might have would be girls- I would have TOTALLY bought the pink. But since I don't have those super powers I bought blue... for a very sexist reason. A girl can totally sit in a blue chair and be fine but a boy just can't sit in a pink one. At least not in the Bell house. I'd like to say it's all Reed's fault but honestly I can't. :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mission Call

Besides the fact that I am really slacking off on this blogging thing-- we might get Christmas pictures up by Valentine's Day. I told Reed tonight I need to find a way to make my life more efficient. His suggestion was and I quote " get up earlier and talk on the phone less." My response was, "I want my life more efficient-- I don't want it to suck." :) Anyways, that's beside the point here.... I had to take a quick minute to post that my parents got their mission call yesterday.... drum roll please..... they have been called to the London England Mission. They report on March 24th 2007 and will serve for 23 months.

We are all very excited for them. I must admit.... I'm a little nervous. Not for them. They'll do great. But two years feels like such a long time that it makes me a little sad if I think about it for too long. I have to admit I'm pretty attached to my parents. I survived just barely when they deserted me in Oregon and moved to Arizona two years ago(that was for your benefit mom:))But that was just because between their visits back to Oregon and mine to Arizona we still saw each other at least every three months plus we'd talk on the phone a couple times a week often daily. Really though a mission is where they are supposed to be right now and I just keep reminding myself what a fantastic opportunity this is for them and how proud I am of them and how many exciting adventures they will have in the next two years. They will do great work and bless many lives. And I can't help but think that Heavenly Father will make it a little easier for us while we miss them when they're gone.