Friday, March 28, 2008

Obviously an Error Occurred

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Movie Reviews

So my friend Juliana always has the most unique things on her blog. A few months back she had one that linked you to a website where you put your picture, your spouse's picture and then your child and it gave you a percentage of how much your child looked like you. Anyways, this is the new one I found on her blog today. I thought it was great and so I decided to try it out. Obviously an error occurred because this is the rating I received. I went downstairs to tell Reed about Juliana's blog and said, "Her site received a rating of 'elementary school.' Guess what our's got?" His answer was "Preschool". I just laughed. It probably would have been more fitting. When I told him our rating, he just laughed and said, "You're kidding." Obviously my husband doesn't think my writing level is "genius". That's okay, neither do I. But I thought this was pretty fun. :) You can try it out for yourself by clicking on the picture above.

Elder and Sister Scott

So my parents are officially missionaries, as you can see from their tags. My mom really didn't want me to take this picture. We were saying goodbye and of course there was alot of crying going on. But we were getting ready to leave and I realized I hadn't taken a picture of them with their tags on. And I couldn't pass up this chance!

Anyways, we are so proud of them and feel so blessed to be able to participate vicariously in this mission with them. We are excited for all the wonderful opportunities they will have and the gospel they will be sharing with so many people. We're also keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to visit them while they are in England!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Chugg!

While in Utah, we celebrated my Grandpa Chugg's (my mom's dad) birthday. He turned 72 this year and I realized it's been a long time since I spent a birthday with him. I love my grandpa so much... as all grandchildren do. In honor of the wonderful man he is I wanted to list just a few of the reasons I love him:

He is a hard worker, probably the hardest worker I know. He, at 72, wears me out with all his projects. He can do most anything. If he doesn't know how to do it, he learns how to.

He is dedicated to the gospel and serving in the church. I have watched him serve in a variety of capacities and am always amazed at his level of service. Nothing is too much to give and he serves willingly and faithfully in whatever he is asked to do.

He has great wisdom. He grew up in circumstances that did not allow him to go to college but that did not stop him from being successful. He worked his way up the ladder at Boeing, where he worked for over 20 years. He has seen more of the world than I could ever dream. Even as an adult I am constantly surprised when he mentions a country he has visisted. I think these experiences and many others have made him more wise and intelligent than all the college degrees in the world could.

He loves to spoil his grandkids. He has fourteen grandchildren (and 8 great-grandchildren) and he spoils us all. He is very affectionate with each of us and is more than happy to dote on us. Case in point- we went down to BYU to the creamery and he bought us icecream. My cousin Dallin, who is almost 12, got a HUGE bowl of icecream. He said, "Mom would never let me have this much icecream but grandpa will!"

I am so grateful for my grandpa. For the example he is, for the love he shows me, and for the man that he is. Happy Birthday Grandpa! I love you!

Love is in the air....

So there is news in the Scott family... Kevin is engaged. He proposed Easter weekend to his girlfriend, Aslyn. They have been dating for about a year now and he popped the question this weekend. They were on a hike in provo canyon and had lunch and then Kevin hid some eggs for her own easter egg hunt. ( I have to brag a bit about my own cleverness here... I told him he should hide the ring in a hollow egg. So I carefully made a opening in a real egg, drained out the egg, decorated it and then he placed the ring inside and we stuffed tissue paper in the bottom. I really should have taken a picture but I didn't) Anyways, after the hunt he asked her if she would crack the egg open because he loves hard boiled eggs. She did and then gasped that it was hollow. She quickly discovered the ring and well I'm sure you know the rest. Anyways, they will get married in July and we are very excited for them. ( My parents will also be making a quick trip back for the event.:)) We love you guys!

Happy Easter

I love Easter time. I love all the new springtime flowers and the hopefulness of warmer, sunnier days. There is a special feeling of peace that comes at this time of year that can't be attributed to nature or the climate. It only comes from the life and sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I can't begin to describe the depth of my gratitude and the older I get the more I realize how truly miraculous it all is. What a blessing it is to know that He lives!

Birthday #6

Nate turned 6 while we were in Utah so we had a BYU party with all of our family there. He is obsessed with anything BYU. But since both Reed and I are alumni, we aren't doing much to curb the obession. :) He had a great day and we could hardly believe that six years ago- in this same state, just a few miles from where we were staying- we welcomed this sweet, helpful, rambunctious boy into our home. Our lives will never be the same and we couldn't be happier! We love you Nate!

Easter Egg Hunt

We were in Utah for Easter at my Aunt Debbie's. She has hosted a huge easter egg hunt for the past, I think 13 years, in their neighborhood. This year she filled over a thousand eggs (the record amount so far). We were lucky enough to be there for it. It was so fun, mostly because it brought back memories of when my mom used to do the same thing in our backyard when we were kids for all the neighbors. We had special prize eggs that were hard boiled eggs decorated special. We had the golden egg, the royal egg, and the easter egg. Debbie has those same eggs in her hunt. And you wouldn't believe it but my kids found two of those prize eggs all by themselves! Can I tell you how cool that golden egg is? My cousin Missy, spray painted it to make it that sparkly! Anyways, the kids had a fabulous time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So we took Laynie to her 6 month check up yesterday. She is officially 26 inches & 14lbs 12 oz, which puts her in the 50% for height and the 25% for weight. I asked if that was ok even though she seemed small. He said she was growing great and everything looked good to him. I mentioned that I often get stopped when I am out running errands and usually get asked how old my baby is. When I answer it is usually followed by a shocked look and then, "Wow she is so little." So honestly part of me was starting to develop a complex and worrying that I wasn't feeding her enough or something. When I shared this with my pediatrician he just smiled and said, "Didn't you know that parenting is a competitive sport?" Funny guy.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Sweet Baby Girl

Dear Laynie,

I don't know where the time has gone. I can hardly believe that six months has passed since your arrival. Before you were born I awaited your birth with anticipation and I must admit, a bit of trepidation. Even though I was overjoyed at the idea of having another baby join our home I wasn't naive to the fact that newborns are alot of work and I'd heard so many horror stories about "baby #3". I just couldn't quite figure out, logistically of course, how life was going to work itself out. But here we are six wonderful months later. Life is perfect, well not always perfect, but truly as good as it gets. You are a joy to have in our family. You light up all of our days. And none of us can imagine life without you in it. I look forward to all of the days we have ahead of us but I've realized I find so much joy in today.

love you, Mommy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


So Nate and I were chatting the other day. Here's how it goes down...

Nate: I don't really like Isabella, Mom. (Isabella's a girl in his class at school)

Me: Why's that?

Nate: She's annoying and teases me.

Me: How does she tease you?

Nate: She says I'm hot.

Me: Like sweaty? (I can hope right?!)

Nate with an incredulous look that only a son talking to his mom can give: No, Mom.

Me: Oh, like cute.

Nate: Yeah. It's annoying.

At least we both agree that it's annoying. Is it really necessary that I am having this conversation with my kindergartner? I mean there isn't a five year old alive that is "hot" not too mention how do they even know what that means?? I really thought I would be able to delay this whole "girl like boy" thing for at least a couple of years. Honestly, after Nate left I got quite the chuckle out of the conversation but deep down I thought: maybe I should homeschool.