Friday, October 31, 2008

Funny thing

The other night at dinner, Jocy was asked to say the prayer. As she often says in her prayers she said "I love everyone in the world." (I think this saves her time rather than naming all the people she loves;))

When she was done Nate said, "You love everyone in the world?"
Jocy: "Yes, everyone."
Nate: "Even the bad people?"
Jocy: "No"
Nate: "Even Satan?"
Jocy: "No"
Nate: "I think I would have liked Satan if he had made right choices."

Really, what can I say to that???

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tossing Tradition

So we (well mostly I) decided to pass on carving pumpkins this year. If you don't remember, my experience last Halloween well- let's just say it was less than delightful. Me- three kids, four pumpkins, and one bowl of pumpkin seeds ALL over Jocy and the floor. So instead of carving this year- we decorated. The kids thought it was just as fun and actually they were able to be more involved then they are when we're carving and using a knife. At least until they get a little older, this tradition might be a keeper. :)

Nate: Bat
Jocy: Cat
Laynie: Spider

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mozart in the Making

After Sunday dinner, Grandma Bell was playing Primary songs for Jocy & Mikeyla. Laynie insisted (by quawking incessantly) that she sit on the piano bench with Grandma. It was so cute that she thought she was making all the pretty music coming out of the piano.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy about Pumpkins

I saw these ADORABLE pumpkins on 30 handmade days blog- which is a blog that posts all these FABULOUS crafty ideas from a variety of places all over the internet. I fell head over heels in love with the pumpkins and searched all over for some velvet fabric to make some but couldn't find anything, anywhere. A lady at Joann's suggested this material and so I decided to try it out. And if I do say so myself, I think they turned out pretty darn cute. The best part was going around to grocery stores asking if I could have their broken off stems. I got some wierd looks at that request. :)
These are the next pumpkins on my to do list. I can hardly wait to start! Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed?!

P.S. Don't be too impressed-- they were SO VERY easy. Maybe the easiest craft I've ever done.

Lincoln City

We spent a couple days at Lincoln City this weekend. We went down with Reed's parents and Reed's grandparents. We had a wonderful time. I LOVE the beach. I LOVE the ocean. We had the best time together. While we were there we asked Grandma and Grandpa Bell how long they have been married- 63 years was what they told us! And here I was patting myself on the back for the 10 year milestone we reached this summer. What an accomplishment 63 years is and what an example they are to us of true and lasting love.

Lincoln City

Homemade Apple Cider

Reed's parents have an orchard and one of the fruits they have is apples. They invited us over last weekend to make fresh apple cider. The kids thought it was so much fun and the end result was divine. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to drink store bought apple juice again.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I despise bedtime.
Not my bedtime.
My kids' bedtime.

Since Reed has been working nights and has scouts on tuesday, it now leaves me to do bedtime on my own a minimum of 5 nights a week. If my kids went dutifully, and quickly, and happily to bed, I would not be in this situation. It also doesn't help that by the time bedtime hits I have mentally checked out of "mom" duty and am moving into "my" time. Jocy doesn't struggle with bed time as much. She is often out fairly quickly but Nate, oh how he struggles!

Sometimes for hours.
Which, in turn, means I struggle for hours.

Quite some time ago, Reed introduced me to Pandora. It is a website that allows you to select an artist and then it plays a variety of songs by a variety of artists that are similar in nature.

Loved it then.
ADORE it now.

Last Sunday, Reed selected "Mormon Tabernacle Choir" and had some great music playing in the background. Then three nights ago, I had it playing before bed and they wanted it left on so after they were in beds I let it play in the background.
Both were asleep within 20 minutes.
Again last night.
Again tonight.

I don't want to jinx anything...and I probably already have...but can I tell you how much peace and happiness has entered our home?

No more mean bedtime mommy.
No more whiny, get-out-of-bed-a-thousand-times, kids.

I don't know how long it will last, but for however long it does, I'm going to enjoy it. Besides, you can't help but feel happy when powerful music praises the ONE who brings all peace.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jury Duty

I just spent the last couple of days at the Washington County courthouse on jury duty. I was actually selected as a juror which statistcally didn't seem that likely. It was a very interesting procedure. Often long and cumbersome but also very enlightening. The case delt with a 16 year old boy charged with 2 felony counts. It was daunting to realize the part I played and actually quite heartbreaking to realize that because of his rash decisions his life would be altered forever. A quick synopsis. He was playing a pick up game of basketball- it got out of hand as those things often do- a fight ensued. He was punched in the eye and left the court and walked 200-300 yards to a drinking fountain. On his way back he picked up a metal pipe used to stake a tree at the park. He proceed to go back over to where the other boys were and swung it and hit one of the boys on his forearm. The victim had is arm up above his head because he thought the defendant was trying to hit him in the head and he was trying to block it. Luckily it did not break his arm but left a welt and was pretty painful for several weeks. It was obvious that he committed the crime and it was not a case of self defense. The sad part though is that because of a new law in Oregon this young man is tried as an adult and will face a minimum of three years in prison. Although I agree he committed the crime, the punishment seemed harsh. It's a testament that making good choices is so important and the things you do today have the ability to alter your tomorrows.


We have had a GREAT soccer season. We only had one rainy day of soccer and let me tell you that is AMAZING for the northwest. Jocy and Nate both played this year. And I use the term, play loosely for Jocy. This is Nate's second year playing and he is, in my modest opinion, quite good. He usually scored a couple goals each game and is getting much better at being aware of his teammates and where they are on the field. Jocy on the other hand is a different story. I don't want to judge too early but I kinda think soccer's not her thing. She is totally capable and athletically coordinated- she was just bored. Her best friend was on her team and at first the coach would put them out on the field together. She learned quickly that that was not a good idea because Jocy and Madi could usually be found running down the field playing soccer WHILE HOLDING HANDS. Not an effective strategy. But they didn't care. At least they had fun right??

The first of many

Nate finally lost his first tooth. I say finally because he is already 6 1/2 and most of his friends (and even some younger) have already lost their first. What can I say? He got that from his mom. I was a teenager before I had lost all my baby teeth. Eventually the dentist just had to pull them because he feared I'd be 20 before they decided to come out on their own. Anyways, Nate was thrilled!!!! The tooth had been wiggly for quite a few days until Reed insisted on yanking it out. Nate was a bit squeamish about the ordeal but did yell too loudly. :)