Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing catch up

I'm not sure where time goes. Life just has been rushing by lately. So I'm playing a little catch up tonight and posting everything that happened in the last month. I really prefer to post as things are happening but that just couldn't happen last month. So I'm up to date and back on track. I'd like to say May will be different but I tend to "eat my words" alot. So I'm keeping my mouth closed. :)

Things I learn from my kids

A few weeks ago, I was folding clothes, and being the mean mom that I am, was making my kids fold their own clothes. It's something they are totally capable of doing. It has nothing to do with me disliking it. (actually truth be told, I like folding. I despise putting away though. So I never want to fold because I know what the next step is.)

Anyways, Nate starts to grumble about how hard his life is, about how miserable it is. Me-- being the mature parent that I am-- scoffed and said, "Buddy this is not hard. You have no idea what hard is and if you want to continue whining I can show you how hard it can be."

Fast forward a few weeks, to a particularly hard day when I am feeling particularly sorry for myself and the trials I face. I had skyped my dad-- knowing that if anyone could tell me how it is and help me count my blessings, it was probably him. And he did. He told me how it was and reminded me I had a MILLION things to be thankful for and the things I was facing down really weren't the mountains I had made them out to be. But the surprise lesson in all of this came from my son, Nate, who I didn't realize was listening to me wallow in self pity. Nate from the hallway said, "How come I'm not allowed to complain about how hard my life is but you can?"


And really he's right. And what's more, I started thinking of my conversation with him a few weeks prior. I thought of it, in context of me and my Heavenly Father. I'm sure at times when I'm whining He really just wants to say, "Really, this is all you can take?" But instead He is patient with me and gives me hope that things will get better and strength to find joy in the present. I really believe by the time Nate is grown and on his own, I will have learned more from him than he could ever learn from me.

Tulips at the Temple

We have been enjoying the most phenomenal weather. We couldn't pass up taking the kids to the Portland temple to see all the beautiful tulips in bloom. Tulips are my favorite and the ones at the temple were GORGEOUS! We had a great afternoon.

60th Birthday Party

Reed's dad turned 60 last weekend. Reed's mom threw a surprise party for him that was a huge hit. The weather was PERFECT- high 70's in oregon in APRIL!!! Doesn't get better than that. Everyone brought memories or sent them ahead of time and then I put them together in a memory book for him. It was a great day celebrating a great man. I feel really lucky to have him as a father-in-law.

Happy Easter

Here are my attempts at getting one decent photo of three lovely children.



Not a chance.

As good as it's gonna get.

Spring Break

We spent Spring Break in Coeur de Laine, ID with some of our favorite people in the world- the Roth family. One of the days we went to a indoor water park and had the BEST time.

Jocy loved the waterslides!

How could you not love this girl?

Nate and his supercool goggles!

Every time Laynie sees the camera, she makes this face and says 'CHEESE." Gotta love her!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picutre. Ben is only a few months older than Laynie. He is the most stoic child I have ever met. It took me months of him coming over to convince him he liked me. About that time, the Roth's moved! But I love this picture because Laynie's all delighted that Ben has his arm around her and Ben's looking down like he's just a tad uncomfortable with the situation but doesn't know how to disengage. I feel like I could take the picture 15 years from now and have it look exactly the same. :)

Nate's Birthday

It is hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that my Nate is seven. Here are seven things I adore about him.

1. He is adventuresome -willing to try anything.

2. He still thinks his mom and dad are "cool" and loves to be with us.

3. He has a tender heart and is concerned for others.

4. He is creative and artistic and loves to draw.

5. He is a great big brother and loves to help with his sisters.

6. He has a strong desire to do what is right.

7. He LOVES all sports and it is so fun to watch him excel.

8. He loves to laugh and his contagious laugh makes the rest of us giggle.