Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just for laughs

Reed took this picture of Laynie, who had insisted that he put these goggles on her. I can't see this picture and not laugh out loud.

Mr. Snow

Snow, Snow go away come again another day. Like Christmas Eve for instance. It's not that I'm against you. In small doses or in places that can handle you- you are lovely. I love freshly fallen snow that hasn't been touched. I love snowmen and snowangels. I even love a good snowball fight. But we are going on day four of our hibernation due to your visit. It wouldn't be so bad if you had left your friends Mr. Freezing Rain and Mr. Bitterly Cold Wind at home. They make it next to impossible to even enjoy any of the fun things you bring. So I am left at home with two VERY bored, sometimes whining and often arguing, children. We're not sure we'll survive the next six days of your projected stay. Luckily, most of my Christmas shopping is done. Even if the roads were driveable I would never venture out with all three of my children in tow. I may be stir crazy but I'm not plain crazy. So I will try to enjoy the winter wonderland you have created for me. I will drink lots of hot cocoa, sit by my warm fire, listen to the wind howl as I read a good book, and forget the dishes in the sink and the two children who are telling me, once again, that they're bored.

Yours truly,
One of those mom's getting ready to pull her hair out because you've made it impossible to get anything done.

P.S. These views are soley those of the author. The two children pictured below have a very different opinion about you. Similar to the one I had a long, long time ago and I rejoiced whenever you came into town and cancelled school. How did I get so old?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I love christmas. Everything about it. It is definately my favorite holiday and it's not just because of the presents. I love friends and family gatherings, the yummy treats, the traditions. Here are a few of the reasons why I'm in love with Christmas.

I love Christmas traditions. Decorating gingerbread houses is a new one we have started in our family. The kids love it.

I love Christmas decorations. Don't get Reed started on the boxes, and boxes, and boxes he has to pull from the attic each year. This little snowy town has signifigance though because it was my Grandma Chugg's that she set up at her house were we spent almost all of my childhood Christmases.

I love Christmas trees. Nothing smells better than a Christmas tree. I love hunting for the perfect tree, cutting it down, and then spending hours decorating it. (I do NOT like putting the lights on. :))

I love Christmas advent calendars. I love the anticipation of Christmas and the excitement that comes with it. We currently have five in our house with another one in the works!

I love Christmas lights. With this one I must note the fact that Reed puts up all the lights. I think I might like them less if I actually had to put them up. And Reed HATES it but does it because he knows how happy it makes me and the kids. I love to drive around looking at everyone's lights.

I love Christmas music and movies. Reed makes me wait until the day after Thanksgiving but sometimes I sneak. I can't let a year go by without watching "White Christmas" and Reed makes us watch "Claymation Christmas". Don't be fooled by his bahumbug exterior. He loves Christmas almost as much as me.

I love Christmas nativities and what they represent. Obviously my favorite part about Christmas is how much we as a world and individuals focus on Jesus and try a little harder to be more like him. Really that is the only gift I can give Him and it seems like at Christmas my heart just overflows with love for those around me and for that miraculous baby who forever changed everything for all mankind.

My Christmas wish to you is that you find all the joy and happiness that comes from all the festivties at this time of year but even more that you find the love and peace that comes from He who came on that perfect night and lived that we may all recieve the greatest gifts of all.