Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We did not die... just in case you were wondering

So it's pretty pathetic that it has taken me eight months to post. Honestly, I think I'd given up on the whole blogging thing. At first I didn't post because shortly after the new year I was put on bed rest due to complications in my pregnancy. And even though I had all the time in the world-- I just didn't feel like boring the blogging world with all my woes. I mean who really wants to read about shortened cervixes, preterm labor and meds that make your face feel like it's on fire, kidney stones and stents, etc etc etc. Everything reached the pinnacle and on May 5th I saw my doctor and was immediately schedule for delivery that day. The babies arrived four weeks early but completely healthy and absolutely adorable if I must say so. And I must. :)

We named them Zachary Kenneth and Charlotte Hope. Zack was born first at 6:11pm weighing 5lbs 4oz. Charlotte arrived two minutes later at 6:13pm and weighed 5lbs 13 oz. They are wonderful and perfect and actually almost four months old now. (I know, I know I am so slow).

In my defense though, the excitement didn't end there. Two weeks after they were born we put our house on the market because Reed was offered a job in Chandler Arizona. So for the next three weeks we dealt with all the "fun" that comes with selling a house. The next month was spent packing up all we had accumulated in the last 8 years of living in Oregon, along with driving to Utah for two family reunions.



Even though the month of June was insanely crazy, everything managed to work out. Our house sold and we managed to fit everything in a 28ft trailor (it was a very tight squeeze) and then even more amazing was the fact that we survived the 21 hour drive to Arizona with five kids under the age of 8 in the car. And just to spice things up a bit, school started five days after we arrived in Arizona. So admist the unpacking and chaos, Nate started third grade and Jocelyn started first grade. They both love it and are enjoying their new school.

Although it was terribly hard to leave Oregon and all of our wonderful friends and family, there are some very nice things about being in Arizona. Most weeks are filled with going to my parent's house and spending hours in their pool. As you can see even Charlotte has made her debut into the pool. (So has Zack, I just don't have proof of it.)

Anyways, I think that gets us back up to date. I still think it's pathetic that it's taken me so long to post. But then again,after rereading this a couple times-- I think I might have a good excuse. :) And really this might be the way to go with blogging- just one gigantic post twice a year. :)

One more picture of these sweet babies.... even admist the chaos we really have been so blessed.


Rhodes Trip said...


I haven't updated my blog in almost a year (seriously last Sept.) and I haven't even had a fraction of what you've been juggling over the last year, SOOOO you've got the "get out of blogging jail" free card. ;-)

So stoked you all are safe and sound down in AZ, and you'll definitely see Dame often enough with all his work he does down there, so one of these trips I'll be sure to come down and see you guys too. It seems like everyone is moving down there now, so maybe we'll just end up staying permanently some time!!!! ;-)

Looking forward to hearing more from ya in 8 months—HAHAHAHA!!!!

Julie said...

Shawn and Amanda told me you were moving down here! Once you get settled in and the weather cools a little I would LOVE to have your family over. I can't wait to see you!

And no worries about the blogging absence. I look at the pictures of those sweet beautiful babies and think of you moving to this hot oven and I have no idea how you are managing at all---you super mom you!

whitney said...

yes you MUST say so because they ARE!!! oh. my. gosh. i want to just squeeze them and kiss them they are so precious and tiny! wow that was quite the crazy summer for you guys... glad you made it through and you're all settled in your new town. it's good to hear from you on your blog. :)

mahina said...

i am so glad you are back! i have been dying to see pictures of your adorable twins!

becca came for a quick visit on her way back home from the reunion and caught us up on all your excitement this summer! but i still wanted to see pictures of your babies, though! they are precious!

how have you done with the twins and 3 young children? i want to pick your brain on everything! did you hear we are pregnant with twins as well, due at the end of december? we are having two boys! how far along were you when you were put on bed rest? i sure hope to avoid that! anyway, any advice you can give i would greatly appreciate it!!

and great job on the twins, they are so cute sleeping together like that!

jess said...

MEGAN!! You're ALIVE!! And with 2 extra family members to boot! Wow. Congrats - on everything! Hope you are adjusting well to all of it! The babies are to die for (and Charlotte just happens to be my girls name if we ever have one - no i'm not pregnant- so I like her already! Zack too I suppose :)
Thanks for the update!! Yay!

Madsen Family said...

So, so, so happy to see an update. I've been checking CONSTANTLY to see/hear an update about you and your cute family. Congrats on everything. I can't believe you have two darling babies, have moved and I am only now hearing about it. That is exciting/crazy all at once. But I'm so happy for your cute, cute family. And hope to announce one day that I'm having twins:) Love you and, personally, I hope you update MORE than twice a year.

Jessica said...

All that makes me so tired thinking about it, you are amazing! Congrats on the babies, they are precious, and the new job. Glad to hear everything is well!

Megan said...

i love this!! the twins are gorgeous :)

rozalyn said...

Wow! So glad you guys posted! I had no idea you moved until just last month when I saw someone's comment, "I got to see them before they left..." and I thought, "left where?" Those babies are darling! I'm glad you guys are closer to your parents.

rozalyn said...

hey megan, one more thing: can you email me? I don't know if you guys are on fb or not, so I wanted to get your email. My dad is retiring today, 8/31, and I've been trying to contact as many people as I can to ask if they would email him. I know you are busy, busy, busy, but I was wondering if you and/or Reed would send him an email. Email me, if you get a chance: and I can send you his. thanks!

Danielle said...

Holy Cow!!! I ran into Katie last week, and she said things had been crayz--but you can be the official super mom after all that. The babies are adorable. And I'm sure you're ready to just chill for awhile.

Annette said...

Thanx for the fun post Megan. How about one evey week?

Emily said...

Congrats on everything! The twins are adorable! So fun to move by your parents again, I'm sure they love having your family close by! But now we won't get to see you every other year or so when we visit OR. Maybe our visits there will overlap. Keep the updates ALL your spare time :)

Lindsey said...

Wow! Busy! Sad you guys moved away.. All the Scott's are gone now, huh? Arizona is fun, but way toooooo HOT! Babies are super cute and your brood is getting so big! Take care and enjoy AZ!